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Thread: EXCEL crash with VB DLL running on XP PRO SP2

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    EXCEL crash with VB DLL running on XP PRO SP2

    I created from VB 6.0 a DLL that contains engineering functions computing heat exchange calculations, to use it both in VB programs that in EXCEL spreadsheets (for the precision OFFICE XP). Till now I have never found problems in the applications developed on W2K SP4 as O.S.
    Problems have recently revealed trying to port this DLL library on XP Professional SP2 as O.S. where calling the DLL both in EXCEL XP that EXCEL 2003, as soon as I try to modify a value in EXCEL it goes to crash...On the contrary, everything is OK in the IDE of VB 6.0 (SP 6) installed on XP Professional SP2.
    I wonder what could have triggered the crash, as the followed path was exactly the same.
    You can find here attached all the files as regards the matter discussed above.
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