IBM has released Ajax for IBM WebSphere Platform Early Program.

This optionally installable product extension for IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1 and WebSphere Application Server Community Edition offers new features that can make your Web applications more responsive and easier to use. Included are the Dojo Toolkit 0.4.1, an implementation for WebSphere Platform Messaging (v6.0) and four end-to-end sample applications that illustrate how Dojo can be incorporated into J2EE applications running on existing WebSphere platforms. All of the features (including an offline version of the draft Dojo book) are packaged for use in Eclipse 3.2.1 development environments, as well as a distribution for non-Eclipse developers.
• Dojo Toolkit
• JSON4J Libraries
• Web Pub Sub Bridge for AJAX
• Sample Simple Storefront
• Sample Plants By WebSphere (AJAX Edition)
• Sample MBean Explore for WebSphere Application Server
• Sample Quote Streamer for WebSphere Application Server