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Thread: Use Case Model

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    Feb 2007

    Use Case Model

    hi ,

    I have to make a usercase model for the following -----
    You have the responsibility to produce the Use Case model for an application that will be used by the professional Real Estate community. The application will:
    • Find and store the names, addresses (physical and email), and phone numbers of all people in a given town, street, or apartment complex
    • Track any interactions with any contact, such as the nature of the contact (email message, telephone call, newsletter, promotional material, seminar attendance, etc.), when the interaction occurred, with whom and any notes
    • Find and store information on properties, such as the type of property (commercial or residential), number of units (apartment, condominium, 1 family house, 2 family house, etc.), last known sale price, date of last known sale, estimate of value, date of estimate of value, etc.
    • Provide a mechanism to produce “mail merge” documents addressed to each contact, such as a letter stating the current estimated value of their property, as well as the ability to print or email these documents
    • Require a minimum amount of training to use

    PLease helpp meee on this.

    I will be thankful .atleats for any one.plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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    Jan 2007
    First find out the actors, and what does the actors do
    If you are confused first put up a story about how your system is going to work and then proceed
    By the way is it your college assignment ?

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