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Thread: Point History with Text Files

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    Feb 2007

    Point History with Text Files

    Ok the members Attendance section is almost done! Thanks to you guys ^^
    I have been playing around with text opening text files now since you showed me how to open them through VB.

    My question is: How would I track member's points using a text file?

    I'm undecided on the best route to take and would very much like an opinion. Heres how the Attendance section works:
    1) User selects a Member Name from the "Member List" on the left.(lstMembers)
    2) User Adds selected Names to the "Attendance List" on the right.(lstAttendance)
    3) User Clicks on one of the three events that are taking place.
    A)Kirin - 1 point (cmdKirin)
    B)Gods - 2 points(cmdGods)
    C)Farming - 3 points(cmdFarming)
    4) Program Adds Points to each of the Member Names in the Attendance List, And saves the point Value until the next event.

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    Nov 2003
    Portland, OR
    I'm not sure I would use a single text file to record points for all members; it can be difficult to update one line in the middle of a text file. You could use a separate text file for each member, or you could store all the point values in an array and write the entire array to a file periodically.
    Phil Weber

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    Feb 2007
    Using a file for each member sounds good i think, So would i be able to create a text document using VB? Cause when the user has to add a member they goto this form. It would be nice, if the text file holding the points also contained the information on this form too i think.

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