Is there a way to attatch an event function to an element which may allready have an event attatched? The problem is, that I do not want to override any events which may be present on the element from before. All I want is to run my code after all other code on that event has finished.

Like the following (this doesn't work):
var event = element.onclick;
var func = function()  { alert("Me"); }
element.onclick = event + func;
the event variable will contain the following:
function anonymous()  {
 ... some code ...
so I've also made a function to strip away any text before the first occurrence of '{' + 1 and after the last occurence of '}' - 1, thus leaving me with the content of the function only. Then I tried:
var event = stripFunction(element.onclick.toString());
var func = "alert('Me');";
element.onclick = event + func;
This worked fine in FireFox, but not in IE. I also tried wrapping the
event + func
inside a
"function() {" + event + func + "}"
, and even a
function() { eval(event); eval(func); }
. (The latter one gave me a "Not implemented" error in IE).

Does anybody know how I can ... open up the event function, and insert my code ... or any other more clever ideas?