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Thread: Problem In receiving data in mobile client sent from pc server via bluetooth

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    Problem In receiving data in mobile client sent from pc server via bluetooth

    now i m stuck up with new problem...

    Now i am able to receive data that's only string in mobile 5300 but there is problem in that...
    It is like when it receives data the mobile client show that it is disconnected automatically from the connection..
    So after that i am not able to send that data to pc server as before i do anything after service search it first promplt me that it is disconnected...
    So i can read the data only once and it shows the exception that" is closed"

    And after that when try to send that data to pc it shows me exception "Symbian Os error -36" is. disconnected..
    As it is obviouse that it is disconnected as it promplts me first...

    But the odd behaviour is here that when i m trying to read int it show that available bytes are 4i.e.for integer data type but it reads 0 instead integer pc has send to monile...So in this case it won't automatically get disconnected...So if i send data to pc the application will lwt me to send as many time as i want...

    So the observation of this behaviour is that when mobile receives string it reads it successfully and display it perfectly...and get automatically disconnected ...but when it read any data type except string it show the data in stream while checking with method is.available() according to data type but it doesn't read that data from stream so displaying nothing and in this case it won't get disconnected i m able to send data to pc..

    Is there any body who has same problem ????
    Is there any body who can help me to sort out my this problem...????

    Any help from any one will be appreciated..


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    Oct 2007

    can U share


    can u share this project with us

    i need some example for my project

    I hope to do this togther

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