First at all, please excuse me for my bad English.

I need to send some emails from my application and I use vbSendmail V3.6.0.5
I develop in VB6 SP2.

My problem is when I launch my code with the IDE all is ok and the code works perfectly. My message is sent with any problem. But, after compilation the .exe does not work !

After a while, I get a error message "Your attempt to send mail failed for the following reason(s) : Timeout occured: The SMTP Host did not respond to the request".

That problem occurs only in my application (I integrated the code of vbSendEmail into the application). If I compile the project vbSendMail the .exe works perfectly.

I really don't understand what happen !

How is it possible that some code works with the IDE and the same code, after compilation, doesn't ? Any Idea ?

Thanks by advance.