I'm exploring XML for the first time with VB.NET 2005 Express, and I'm having trouble with something.
The project is an Exchange Rate database, and the data I'm working with is the Country, Currency, Exchange Rate, From Date, To Date.
I'm reading in a Word document containing the required data, extracting relevant data from it, putting it into a DataSet, and presenting it in a DataGridView, and saving the content to an XML file.
This is fine.
What I then want to do is read in a different Word document, extract similar data, put it into the same DataGridView as the first 'import' (i.e. clear any existing content), and when I press Save, add the newly imported data to the first XML file (also saving any modifications the user has made in the DataGridView)
After this, I'll need to check the complete XML for duplicate entries and remove them (but I'll cross this bridge when I come to it).