I have a Word template document that I am using as a generic report template. I have a set of bookmarks on the template that I may need to duplicate in some cases, for multiple sets of data. I am assuming that I cannot have more than one bookmark with the same name, so I assume I need to:

1) Copy the bookmark to an object
2) Replace the bookmark text in the report with the report text
3) Delete the bookmark (but not the text) in the report
4) Paste the copied bookmarks into the report at the "current location" (after the replaced text)

I know how to copy ALL the bookmarks to a bookmark object, although it would be nice to copy just the 3 that I need. Replacing the bookmark text is simple enough.

Will deleting the bookmark delete the text? (for that matter - does replacing the bookmarked text get rid of the bookmark?) I am still in the design phase and haven't actually tried it. Also - how can I paste the bookmarks into the section of the report right after where I just pasted the text? There are other bookmarks further down the doc, so I can't just append to the end of the doc.