Hi! I have built a hybrid site that is part Flash and part HTML. On the HTML pages are 5 buttons that need to take you back to pages in the flash file. I need to be able to send a javascript command to go back to the flash page and go to a certain frame in the flashmovie.

For instance:

The flash file is embedded in a page called index.html. One of the html pages is called salon.html. When I am on salon.html and press Home, I need to load back up index.html AND send a javascript command to the flash movie to go to frame "25". When the other 4 buttons are pressed they would load back up index.html and send commands to go to frames 26, 27, 28 & 29 respectively.

I have succeeded in sending javascript commands from a button on main.html like this:

<a href='javascript:example.TGotoFrame("_level0", "25")'>Go To Frame 25</a>
But now I need to send those controls from 10 or so other html pages. Here is what I think may work but do not know how to accomplish it:

When one of the 5 buttons (Home, Contact, etc) are clicked on one of the HTML pages, set a variable (say 1, 2, 3,4 or 5) and pass it back to index.html. Then on the index.html page, utilize that variable in the javascript so that if the variable equals 1 the flash movie will go to frame 25, if variable equals 2 the flash movie will go to frame 25, and so forth.

Can anyone guide me in the code I would put on the HTML pages to set the variable (would this variable have to be sent via javascript??) and the javascript code on the index.html page to interpret the variable and send the javascript to the flash movie.