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Thread: Auto Forward in Outlook

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    Auto Forward in Outlook

    I am on a tech team that is on a 24/7 on-call rotation. Every week we have one primary and one back up person on call. Whenever there is a problem, Outlook automatically generates an email to both people on the on call list. However, I would like to Outlook set it up for the primary person to be contacted FIRST and the backup person to be contacted ONLY in the event that the primary does not reply within 30 minutes. (This way we do not have to bother the backup person if the primary is already working on the problem.)

    Can Outlook provide this capability -- is there an add-on for solution or any VB code for this.

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    You might be able to code this in VBA: Once per minute, loop through the Inbox and build a list of all messages received within the past 30 minutes. Then loop through the Sent Items folder and look at all messages sent within the past 30 minutes. Based on subject and recipient, remove the corresponding messages from the Inbox list. Forward any remaining messages to the backup person.

    No, I don't have the code to do this. ;-)
    Phil Weber

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