I'm trying vbSendMail for the first time and have the follow code written
Private Sub Send_Click()
Set poSendMail = New clsSendMail
poSendMail.UseAuthentication = True
poSendMail.UsePopAuthentication = True
poSendMail.POP3Host = "pop.earthlink.net"
poSendMail.UserName = "lmyname"
poSendMail.Password = "password"
poSendMail.SMTPHost = cnp!ehost
poSendMail.SMTPPort = 587
poSendMail.From = "lmyname4@earthlink.net"
poSendMail.FromDisplayName = cnp!Name
poSendMail.Recipient = sendto
poSendMail.RecipientDisplayName = "RCompany, LLC"
poSendMail.ReplyToAddress = cnp!email
poSendMail.Subject = "Research Request"
poSendMail.Message = "This is a test"
End Sub
Private Sub poSendMail_SendSuccesful()
MsgBox ("Mail Sent OK!")

End Sub
Private Sub poSendMail_SendFailed(Explanation As String)
' vbSendMail 'SendFailed Event
MsgBox ("Your attempt to send mail failed for the following reason(s): " & vbCrLf & Explanation)
lblProgress = ""
Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault
cmdSend.Enabled = True

End Sub

But when I click the "Send" button, the click code executes but neither the SendFailed nor the SendSuccessful event is triggered. And the email doesn't reach the recipient.