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Thread: Display query result on Windows Form

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    Question Display query result on Windows Form

    Hi, I'm working in VS2005 with VB.NET (just starting to learn).
    I've got two tables in a SQL Server 2000 database, MONITORS (pkMonitorID, fkWorksiteID, intCaseLoad, etc.) and
    WORKSITES (pkWorksiteID, fkMonitorID, intPositions, etc.)
    in a "one Monitor to many Worksites" relationship.
    I also have a Windows form with one DataGridView for Worksites and a second DataGridView for Monitors.

    I need some way to display the Monitors "Case Load" on the form. That will be the sum of intPositions in WORKSITES where keyMonitorID is the Monitor currently selected in the DataGridView.

    This query gives me a list of the Monitors total "case loads":

    SELECT SUM(intPositions) AS Positions, fkMonitorID
    FROM Worksites
    GROUP BY fkMonitorID

    I'm having major trouble figuring out how to either/or update the intCaseLoad field in the MONITORS table and display a Monitors totat current case load on the Windows Form.

    The reason I need to display it, is that each Monitor may be assigned up to, but no more than 35 "intPositions" or cases, so as Worksites are being assigned to Monitors I need to see how many intPosions they've been assigned so far. Each Monitor may be assigned to more than one Worksite.

    Thanks for any advice or examples. (I'm just learning).


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    No one has a clue?

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    Did I explain the problem poorly?

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