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Thread: OracleConnection or Any Connection

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    OracleConnection or Any Connection

    Does the connection object have limited scope?

    I declare it in a global module and then open then open the connection in the same module with the intent that it would be availbe to the entire application. I test it after i open it to make sure it is open and it is then when I am in my queries module using a command to executequery it says the command is not open?

    Public conn As OracleConnection

    conn.ConnectionString = sConnectionString

    then in the partQueries module
    GetProductTypes = cmd.ExecuteReader

    i don't get how or y the connection would get closed when i didn't explicitly call it. is there a reason?

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    Hard to debug from your example

    I assume your assigning conn as the connection when you create your command object. Can you post more of the code your using in the partQueries module.


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