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Thread: Problem with ajax drop&down select for 3 fields

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    Apr 2007

    Problem with ajax drop&down select for 3 fields

    Hi All
    I have some trouble with this script (script attached with post):
    when I choose <option>country in the first field script load info to third field?? I don't understand where the problem??
    Please, help me with this script.

    Thanka all.
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    Apr 2007

    ajax drop/down list problem

    Hi Alex.
    The problem is that you define two variables (url) and (what) in the first <script>...</script> section, then you re-define them in the second <script>...</script> section, so the second definition will replace the first one because they are global variables.
    Please try this:

    var url = "";
    var what = "";
    function GetStates(Country)
    url = "country.php";
    what = "SetStates(req.responseText)";
    function SetStates(States){...}[COLOR=Sienna]

    function GetCities(State)
    url = "state.php";
    what = "SetCities(req.responseText)";
    function SetCities(Cities){...}
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