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Thread: I Need help big time from experts !!!

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    I Need help big time from experts !!!

    Hi guys I just got a project that incorporates a database from Access It's for a car dealership and here are the details; I need to know what code drops the database file in the system to be accessed.... Heck if anyone feels like making me the program Then that would be awesome !!!

    Problem Statement: In this assignment you are required to build a windows based application for a “Used Car Lead Management System”.
    Background: Your company has been contracted to build a central system that manages leads for multiple dealerships. A Dealership has many Sales Persons and Sales Managers working at the dealership. As the volume of cars sold by these dealerships has increased significantly over the past few years it has become extremely hard to manually manage these leads to ensure opportunities are not missed by the dealerships.
    Business Requirements
    Security: Each user must have a login and a password to the system. The user may login in as either: a Sales Person, Sales Manager or Administrator. One user can belong to one or more roles.

    Leads: A lead is defined as an opportunity to make a sale. Each lead needs to have a probability of materializing recorded next to it. The lead must also be associated with customer details (Name and either Email address or Phone Number or both).
    A lead is managed by a Sales Person / Sales Manager. All leads have a status attached to them (e.g. Arrange Test Drive is a status). Only administrators are allowed to create new Statuses. The source of the lead must also be recorded. The possible values of source are: Internet, Newspaper, Walk in or Phone.
    All leads are about cars at the dealership, a lead must therefore be associated with a particular car. Any special notes must be captured as part of the lead. Old notes cannot be deleted, however multiple notes can be added/ associated to the lead.

    Company Employees: Sales Managers can nominate any other sales person / manager who will manage a lead. The nominated sales staff must be then notified as to who has nominated this lead. Sales Persons only have access to the leads they are managing. An exception to this rule is that a sales person can nominate another Sales Person to manage his / her leads. Sales Managers or Administrators can access and manage all leads.

    Commission: Only Sales Persons and Sales Managers are paid commission on sales. The standard commission rate is 1% of the sale price of the car. The administrator / sales managers are allowed to change the default commission rate for all sales.

    Searching and filtering
    The application requires the recovery of certain information for the user. The SEARCH, FILTERING and DISPLAY requirements include the following:
    Option to filter by:
    - Type: New Car Lead | Used Car Lead
    - Status: Un-actioned | Dealer visit arranged | Terms Identified (i.e. when they are buying etc) | Duplicate lead | Home visit arranged | Archived | No - Bought Elsewhere | No - No Finance | No - Too far away | No - No longer buying | No -Other | Called and Talked - Call back | Called and left message - Call back | Call and no message - Call back | Agreed on Purchase | Sent Email or SMS | Car Already Sold | Purchased

    - Source: Specific website | Newspaper | Radio etc, allow customisation
    - The results of this report can be exported to either word or excel
    Option to sort filtered list in ascending or descending order
    The results of this report can be exported to either word or excel

    Summary view of lead to include:
    - Id number | Type | Stock number | Make and Model | Status | Client Name |Source | Time & Date | Time since received | Time since actioned
    - Option to print summary view
    - Option to view previous | next page
    Detailed View of Lead to include:
    - Id # | Date & Time | Name | Address | State | Phone (am) | Phone (pm) | Mobile |Client Comments | Source | Type | Stock # | Make | Model | Series | Price | Rego |Year | Km | Colour | Bodytype | Transmission | Engine # | Trade in details | Status| Time since actioned | Allocated to | Sent reply by (SMS | Email | Phone) |Comments/History
    - Ability to edit information
    - Option to print detailed view
    - Option to view previous | next lead
    Search for a specific lead or group of leads by:
    - Id # | Date and Time - to and from | Sold date | Type | Status | Allocated to |Name | Make | Source | Stock #
    - The results of this report can be exported to either word or excel
    Add a lead for non email generated enquiries, i.e. walk-ins etc
    Ability to select/add source

    Report Builder
    The system needs to have a report builder component that allows the user to create a set of report criteria save it and run that report at a later date. The user can save this report as a shared report or personal report. The report can be changed / removed at any time. The report builder should allow the user to view any number or fields associated with the lead. The Report builder should also allow the user to specify a criteria based on AND, OR, (Math functions where applicable). For example, a report that could be built using this criterion is to show all leads that are two days old and have a probability higher than 80%. One restriction on reports is that a Sales Person cannot access another Sales Person’s data. These reports should be easily exported to either word or excel.

    Hints: Make a list of different features that should be included in the application first. Follow this by making your prototype. This will help you in your thought process. You can also show your prototype to your tutor to make sure you are on the right track.
    · Design a simple database that stores the required information. Use an Access 2000 database for this purpose.
    If you make any assumptions make sure you document them.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VB.netdummie
    Heck if anyone feels like making me the program Then that would be awesome !!!

    Cheaters never prosper

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