Let me first say that I'm not a head hunter or a 'work from home' recruiter or anything of that nature. I'm an honest guy looking for talented people in the embedded systems industry, specifically cell phone platforms for the purpose of possible consultancy work. Everyone who sends information will be sending it only to myself for the purpose of hire within the company I work for.

I work for a research and development company and currently we are looking for embedded systems developers that have worked on the CDMA platform. If you're familiar with it's quirks and character when accessing the EFS across different models, then you may be the person we'd like to speak with.
We are always looking to make contact with other great people that have intelligence and knowledge that may be of mutual benefit to us now and in the future.

If you are a developer that's available for work and have realized a personal desire to work with a great team, it would be wonderful to have your profile available at hand.
Please send me a document that lists your experiences, knowledge, talents and general profile so that I can contact you if you meet the requirements or when suitable work comes up.

Thank you again and have a great day, :)