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Thread: IE + Iframe popup problem

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    Apr 2007

    IE + Iframe popup problem

    Hello Everyone,

    I was stuck with this really frustrating problem for sometime. Let me
    explain what I am trying to achieve: There is a form and an inner
    iframe. The form's target is set to the iframe so that when the form
    is submitted, the page does not get reloaded/changed ( as the iframe
    would be the one getting refreshed. The Iframe is set to have 0 width
    and height to make it look invisible ).

    The html source ( bug.txt ( html file ) IE + Iframe popup problem) to demonstrate this.
    There are 2 form/iframe pair
    a) Static form / iframe
    b) Javascript generated form / iframe.
    and both forms are submitted using javascript.

    In firefox, both a) and b) works perfectly ( i.e there are no
    popups / page reloads/ page change )
    In IE, a) works fine BUT b) does not ( a popup is created when the
    form is submitted )

    I am failing to understand why b) is not working in IE ( i.e why
    the popup is appearing ).
    Could someone help me on this one ?

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    Apr 2007
    The problem is when you use document.createElement(...), IE dose not set the name attribute for the created element, even if you use:
    elm.setAttribute('name', 'somename');
    or = 'somename';
    so, you can use the following fashion:
    var newDiv = document.createElement('div');
    newDiv.innerHTML += '<iframe name="form_'+uniqueId+'_iframe" ... />';

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