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Thread: Newbie trying to find help to Copy Files

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    Newbie trying to find help to Copy Files

    Here is my issue and remember I am very green:

    I have created a database in Microsoft Access. I want to create a module that I can use to copy a .txt file from one folder to another, I want the code to seek out the current day .txt file and then copy and rename it into another folder.

    Each day I receive a .txt file like so: report041807.txt, report041907.txt, and etc. for each new day.

    I want to copy the file and paste it into a new folder and change the name to report.txt

    I know it can be done but I am stump... Please Help!

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    When I have to code an unfamilar process, I find it helpful to break it down into individual steps, then figure out how to code each step. I would break your task down as follows:

    1. Format today's date as mmddyy
    a. Get today's date
    b. Format as mmddyy
    2. Create file name from string from Step 1
    3. Copy and rename file

    So, how do we do Step 1? If you Google for "vb format date", you'll see that VB has a function called Format. If you type the word "Format" in VB's code editor, highlight it, and press F1, you can read all about the Format function. One solution to Step 1 is:

    sDate = Format(Date, "mmddyy")

    Now, how do we create a file name that incorporates sDate?

    sFileName = "report" & sDate & ".txt"

    Finally, how do you copy and rename a file? Using the investigative techniques described above, look up VB's FileCopy and Name functions. ;-)
    Phil Weber

    Please post questions to the forums, where others may benefit.
    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Thank you!

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