I do more php development than anything, but have found myself getting into Ajax more and more. I am currently running into a problem and would love some guidance.

Here is the problem.
The request gets made fine, goes to readyState 1, but never gets to readyState 4. I am having this problem is a few places, but here is the most recent code snippet.

Here is the code.
function createRequestObject(){
  var request_;
  var browser = navigator.appName;
  if(browser == "Microsoft Internet Explorer"){
    request_ = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
    request_ = new XMLHttpRequest();
  return request_;
var http = createRequestObject();

function pageTag(page){
  http.open('get', 'logPages/'+page+'.txt');
  http.onreadystatechange = handleInfo();
function handleInfo(){
  if(http.readyState == 4){
    var response = http.responseText;
	document.getElementById('logThis').innerHTML = response;
Thanks to anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction.