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Thread: AJAX - Unknown Runtime Error

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    Jun 2006

    AJAX - Unknown Runtime Error

    document.write ("<p id=ad"+ADid+">LOADING</p>");
    adGrab(ADtags, ADtitle);
    function getHTTPObject(){ if(typeof XMLHttpRequest!='undefined') { return new XMLHttpRequest();} 
    try{ return new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP");} catch (e){try{ return new 
    ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");} catch (e) {}} return false;}
    function adGrab(ADtags, ADtitle) {
     myurl = ""+ADtitle+"&tags="+ADtags+"&t="+Date.parse(new 
     http = getHTTPObject();
     alert (1);"GET", myurl, true);
     alert (2);
     http.onreadystatechange = adShow;
     alert (3);
     alert (4);
    function adShow() {
     alert (5);
     if (http.readyState == 4) {
      var text = http.responseText;
      alert (6);
      alert("document.getElementById('ad"+ADid+"').innerHTML = '"+text+"'");
      alert (7);
      var name = 'ad'+ADid;
      alert (name+"-"+text);
      if (document.getElementById) {
       document.getElementById(name).innerHTML = text;
       alert (8);
      else if (document.all) { document.all[name].innerHTML = http.responseText; alert (9);}
      else if (document.layers) { document.layers[name].innerHTML = http.responseText; alert (10);}
     alert (11);
    Line 28, Char 4 apparantly. As you can see by all the alerts, I'm doing a lot of debugging.

    See my code live at

    I've been messing with this for a couple days already...

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    Sunny Adelaide

    I suggest you grab Firebug, which is an excellent extension for Firefox that provides step-through JavaScript debugging capabilities. It is a must for any serious development.

    Indent and space your code properly (new line and indent after opening brace, outdent on closing brace) and you will find it easier to manage.

    You shouldn't need to be testing document.all and document.layers like that. That stuff died out in the 90s.

    Finally:- never use document.write(). Instead, look at the DOM for any manipulation of the page.

    Rewrite your code following all of these good practices and I daresay your error will probably go away or at the very least be much easier to hunt down and fix.

    - P

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