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Thread: Passing field name from form to javascript function

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    Passing field name from form to javascript function

    I have a form that will have multiple textboxes in it...lets call them txtBox1, txtBox2, and txtBox3. I want to write a function that fires when I leave the field. First question, what will be the code for the textbox? onExit="SaveRecord()" or something like that? (meaning the onExit portion)

    Second question. On that function, SaveRecord(), I wish to pass the name of the textbox that it is currently in. Would I pass that in the SaveRecord(datahere) portion or would I find it in the function? Form name will be frmGeneral.

    Based upon that data, i am going to write a select case statement and do an ajax update on the exit feature of the textbox...any help is much appreciated!

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    Feb 2005
    Can I just pass a static value across? That would work for me


    Then my select case statement would do the rest...but isn't txtBox1 considered a variable?

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