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Thread: web application that access Source safe DB rights.dat access denied problem

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    web application that access Source safe DB rights.dat access denied problem


    I am developing a web application that access a source safe database in my network programatically. when i run the application from visual studio everything goes fine. But when I run the application from IIS, a problem happens when the application tries to open the sourcesafe database, an error: "access to rights.dat is denied". I gave this file access rights to EVERYONE and still there is an error. Does any1 have an idea what happens different when i run from IIS or from Vs??

    thanks alot

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    Its probably because the IIS Anomynous user account (which all website visitors are viewing the pages under) has the least amount of perminssions. You really may want to re-think this project because unless you use Windows Authentication, your VSS DB will be subjected to hacking and VSS does not have a very strong security layer.
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    Hi RobDog888,

    Thanks for replying.

    Most of time i disabled the IIS Anomynous access functionality and when i enabled it i use an account of a user already in the same network and the same error also appeared.

    Another thing i need to clarify,this web application will be used internally for users in a specific domain ,so i think there will no be hacking here.


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