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Thread: Ajax within Ajax generated code

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    Apr 2007

    Ajax within Ajax generated code

    Does anyone know how to call Ajax from code that was generated from an Ajax call? I have three drop downs that are populated based on the previous selection. Once the third drop down has been selected it uses Ajax to look up the form to display on that page. That all works fine. However, the form that it loads has a call to Ajax within it. The form has a text box that I am trying to create an autosuggest option. The problem is it never makes the call. I don't have any javascript errors.

    I did a little debug using the code generated by the three drop downs being selected. This code includes the form. If copy that code and then try it it works fine, since the first few Ajax calls have not been called.

    Does anyone have any ideas or work arounds for this problem?

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    Sunny Adelaide

    What exactly do you mean by 'Ajax' in this context? 'AJAX' is just an umbrella term for a combination of technologies. Are you referring to a call to an XMLHttpRequest object? If so, can you post some relevant code? If not, please elaborate a little on what you mean.


    - P

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    Similar Problem

    I have a similar problem to the one described. I've included some (basic) code to explain my problem - any help would be appreciated.

    <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="userInput"></INPUT>
    <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="OK" ONCLICK="getList(userInput)"></INPUT>
    <DIV id="page1_here"></DIV>
    getList (input) {
      do httpRequest stuff ...
      ... ('POST', 'Page2.jsp', true);
      httpRequest.send('input=' + input);

      get data from database...
      print each record...
        followed by out.println("<DIV ID=\"page2_here_" + recID + "\"></DIV>");
      if (input.equals("domain")) {
        out.println ("<SCRIPT>getData('" + input + "');</SCRIPT>");
    getList (input) {
      do httpRequest stuff ...
      ... ('POST', 'Page3.jsp', true);
      httpRequest.send('input=' + input);
      get data from database...
      print each record...
    If I just load Page2.jsp directly in a browser, the data from Page3.jsp is loaded fine. However when I try to load Page2.jsp within Page1.jsp it only loads the code generated by Page2.jsp and misses the stuff from Page3.jsp.

    Can someone tell me whether this is even possible to do?

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