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Thread: IE5.5 ownerDocument.parentWindow is null or not an object

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    Apr 2007

    IE5.5 ownerDocument.parentWindow is null or not an object

    Hi Folks

    I have created a simple page in VS 2005 which is displaying information in an update panel. This is fine until I view the page in IE 5.5. When doing so the page functions as expected but 'Error on page' is displayed in the status bar with an error of 'ownerDocument.parentWindow is null or not an object'.

    From all I have read ASP.NET AJAX should be compatible with IE 5.5 so any help you guys can offer would be great.


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    Apr 2007
    There are two version of XML Components. IE 5.5 supports one (Msxml2.XMLHTTP) and 5.5 + support other (Microsoft.XMLHTTP) (As far as I know). Check which one you are trying to instantiate.

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