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Thread: Sending https:// Request in .Net Compact Framework 2.0

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    Question Sending https:// Request in .Net Compact Framework 2.0

    Hi All,

    I am trying to send an https:// request from my .Net CF application. The code is as follows :

    HttpWebRequest request = ( HttpWebRequest )
    WebRequest.Create( );

    request.Method = "GET";

    HttpWebResponse webResponse =
    ( HttpWebResponse )request.GetResponse();
    catch( WebException e1 )
    MessageBox.Show( e1.Message );

    After sending the request im getting an exception that says "trust failure". I know that it is because of the root certificate is not installed on the device root certificate store.

    But if I want to validate server sertificate on the device, than how can I do this ?
    How can I read the certificate infomration sent by server on windows mobile pocketpc device ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Does anyone has any answer or i have to wait for years...

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