Hey guys, I am really hoping somebody here can help me, because I am stumped. I am not a programmer, but I have done as much troubleshooting as I know how (Including using a debug script that a friend gave me to verify that there were no errors).

Here is my problem. I used this script to create dynamic content via the maincontent DIV in the Index.html file. Everything works fine until you try and load a Flash Video, and instead of video, you get a White Square where it should be playing.

Now, this only happens if the html file is being loaded into the DIV tag, if you load it seperatley, it works fine! In case I am not quite clear, here are the files in question (There was NO external .js file to reference for this script).

The Actual html file with video (Notice, it plays!):

And the main index file (Click Commercials -> AADAC -> First Image)
Notice it's just a white square!!!

This has been driving me nuts for days, and I cannot figure out what is going wrong! PLEASE help!