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Thread: YUI datatable and XML datasource without XHR

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    May 2007

    YUI datatable and XML datasource without XHR

    I am involved in a project where I have to use the YUI datatable.
    The problem is that YUI works fine with online xml ie. xml fetched from an online source such as a website.

    var myDataSource = new YAHOO.util.DataSource("./bin/k.php");

    works fine.
    but when I use something like this.

    var xmldata="<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

    it does not work.
    The problem is that the project I am working on does not provide live XML data from server. The XML has to be fetched using authentication from a different JS. So I get only the XML data stored in a variable like 'xmldata'.
    Is there any way to make YUI datatable to accept this data and display he details on the table.

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    Apr 2010
    hi me too want that plz help me

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