Foliofn, the innovative online brokerage is offering a development opportunity to top-end developers who want to work within an apolitical, Agile/XP, test-first environment, focused on the development of our second-generation trading platform. We are looking for several top-end software engineers to join a small team of experienced agile enterprise engineers.

If you are a candidate, you are extremely adept in test-first development, using Junit4, EasyMock, Fitnesse, jWebUnit/HttpUnit, xUnit*, as well custom suites for load, performance, failover. You have solid design skills that allow you to see the overall key abstractions, yet implement the design through iteration and refactoring using domain-driven design, patterns, and object-oriented principles. You have a keen sense for separating of concerns using IOC (Spring), AOP (Spring and AspectJ) and plugins. You enjoy working as a team, and can effectively communicate both with other
developers and the business. You have proven that you can define engineering tasks with estimates from customer stories, and deliver quality incremental functionality within the short iteration cycle.

While the financial compensation for your efforts will be good indeed, you develop
software because it is your passion. Deploying effective, successful enterprise
systems is what you do for fun!

The technologies being employed in this system provide an incredible opportunity:

- Java5 including annotations, generics, concurrency
- Spring, AspectJ, ACEGI, JMX
- EJB3 with Hibernate, high volume transactions and terabyte databases
- JMS, Spring Remoting
- The best and latest hardware and software development tools

Send a resume or bio, but what will really get you noticed is for you to draft a proposal, describing how you will be an asset to the Folio team. Tell us why you love developing software, what you like to play with, and what you have learned recently. Be sure to point out any open-source projects to which you are a committer. Describe how you have used the technologies above (or others), what worked well and what problems you encountered. Give some insight into your attitudes and experiences with agile development (pair programming, testing, collective code ownership, short release cycles, etc.)

Joy D'Amore
8000 Towers Crescent Dr.
Suite 1500
Vienna, VA 22182