I'm looking for an Ajax script of some sort that can automatically divide up content into "pages" that can fit within a specific area on a webpage. In other words, I'm looking for a script that can display whatever content will fit in a 450 px by 275px area but allow people to click on a 'next page' button that will then display whatever spillover content there is within the same area. The tricky part is that I'd ideally like one that can divide it up on the fly -- so that there will never be a scrollbar, it'll just flow content as necessary.

This site (http://www.yukon-news.com -- you can register for free) uses something similar to what I have in mind, although it automatically divides content into columns and virtual pages that are displayed within the available screen area.

My problem is this -- I don't really know specifically what this sort of thing might be called. Has anyone come across something that can do any of these things?