Better performance, Better Usability to Data Service 2.0.0 !

Data service 2.0.0 released on My 17, 2007, more new features were populated on this version, Your evaluation is important to us.

Data Service is more than data manager or data organization; actually, it is data service perspective. It will be able to manage and organize your data service based on your requirements. It can be a logic data structure or a physics data structure; in other words, it will organize data in whatever way you want.

Data Service supports JDBC data service project and provides powerful Visual Query&ER Editor.

In version 2.0 , New Features List, Release: 05/17/2007 (Download Now)

ER model editor. Support multiple subject areas and displays.
Core of DDL engine. You can create custom DDL engine by this extension point.
Connections Pool: Add Connections Pool for every connection, a Connections Pool view can manage these connections.
DB Browser enhancement: Support opening multiple connections.
Support multiple result view in Preview view and provide result view history in Preview History view.
Enhance outline: add overview(map) for query and ER Editor.
Data Explorer Enhancement: Add button in toolbar for opening Connections Pool quickly, add connection status indicates whether connection is opened.
In particular, in this version, we add Connections Pool and Schedule Job, so there is a better performance.
Layout enhancement: Add auto-layout policy for Q uery&ER editor.