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Thread: please help some body very clearly

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    May 2007

    please help some body very clearly

    am new 2 vb

    1. i want a value to be entered through a text box
    2. store it in an array
    3. input text length should be exactly ten
    4. first four should be charachter next four integers last two charachters
    5. how to achieve all this in vb6.0
    6. please help me at de earliest

    2nd question

    1. i got a listbox filled with a table entry.
    2. when i click it de corresponding row should be displayed in data grid

    3rd question

    1. if i enter a value in text box. supposing a name "devx" is given in de textbox i should retrieve all de rows that has de name as devx

    tell me how 2 do from scratch coz i really dono much bout vb please help me

    my tools are vb6.0 and access
    with DAO connection

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    Dec 2003
    San Diego

    This is more than can be expected from these forums. The moderators and readers are here to help, but not teach all the fundamentals needed to get you started.

    Based on what you are asking, I would get a copy of "Visual Quickstart Guide to Visual Basic 6". It is published by Peachpit Press.

    I've included some online references to help out as well,

    VB Tutor

    VB Tutotial at DevDos

    Good luck,
    Michael Sanchez
    Managing Technical Editor
    Forum Moderator

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