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Thread: help needed to work out something

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    May 2007

    help needed to work out something

    I'm rather new to ASP.NET and needed some help with a piece of work I am undertaking for my workplace

    Part of my job is to reverse engineer a validation script/service (and going too much further into that would be irrelevant to this thread)
    Anyway...i need to basically work out what parameters are needed to return a value of -1 (false - i know this part), but also what is needed to return a value of 0 or 1, which should be true....

    anyone care to fill me in on these expected parameters for the script/form to return a desired value of 0 or 1??

    here is the script that is similar to the one I am using - only one I could find (ours is still having the bugs kinked out of it) - ignore the web address: I have no idea what it could actually mean.

    thanks in advance

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    May 2007

    link don't work

    Your link doesn't work....
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    May 2007
    are you sure - i just clicked it then and came to the correct page, with the invoke button and the text field

    i basically need to see what parameters should be entered into the field to get a result that isn't -1 (one reason being so we can document all possible test cases)

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