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Thread: Check incorrect balance

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    Unhappy Check incorrect balance

    Hi guys,

    Though sometimes I work with Oracle's DB , I m a newbie still and got some questions.

    Here I have a table where I have to figre out if there's any incorrect balance.

    table trn_master
    1 D 0 100
    2 D 20 120
    3 C 10 110
    4 C 10 90

    In my table, I need to check if each BAL_VAL = Previous BAL_VAL add/minus (determined by D or C) TRN_VAL. As in my example, the 4th record is incorrect as 110 -10 should be 100 but the BAL_VAL shows 90.

    Is there anyway I can check this? Stupid me know how to do add/minus in single record but not comparig with previous record.

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    Also do you have any tutorials recommended so i can learn PL/SQL stored proc?

    Sometimes I got so confused as I had to work with different languages and DB within a short period of time.....more I work sometimes more I get confused and easily got screwed up as all the schedules re tough.........

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    Welcome to DevX

    Quote Originally Posted by hatakastation
    Also do you have any tutorials recommended so i can learn PL/SQL stored proc?
    Here are some links that should help.

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    check balance validity

    please try the following sql code to solve your problem. I am not sure wether the CASE expression works in your oracle database but it works in the most recent versions.

    SELECT t1.trn_id
    , t1.dr_cr
    , t1.trn_val
    , t1.bal_val b1
    , t2.bal_val b2
    , CASE WHEN t1.dr_cr = 'D' AND (t1.bal_val - t2.bal_val) = t1.TRN_val THEN 'valid'
    WHEN t1.dr_cr = 'C' AND (t2.bal_val - t1.bal_val) = t1.TRN_val THEN 'valid'
    WHEN t2.bal_val IS NULL THEN 'dont know'
    ELSE 'invalid' END validity
    FROM trn_master t2
    , trn_master t1
    WHERE t2.trn_id(+) = t1.trn_id - 1

    thanks and do reply if u found this useful.

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