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Thread: CSS - Open submenu when menu Item Clicked

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    CSS - Open submenu when menu Item Clicked

    I have a css file that I use when I need to have menus pop open when you mouse over them. I have modified it slightly to fit my new use for it but I can't figure out how to only open the submenu when you click on the menu item rather than mouse over it. I am creating some html help files and I wanted to add a Related Topics button, at the bottom of some pages. When clicked will popup a submenu of topics the user can link to. I have the button looking correct and the popup menu works great when I hover over the button. So all I need now is to figure out how to dump the hover behaviour, and switch it to open the menu when the user clicks on it instead.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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    Unfortunately there is no onclick event handler in CSS, only the mouse over event handler known as hover. You might try putting the style rules for the open on a:active, but I'm not sure it will work practically

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    Not the cleanest way but with some experimenting it now works pretty well. The only real anomaly is the click itself. You can't just click the button and get the menu to stay open. The moment you let go of the mouse button the menu disappears; but if you simply click down and drag, even the tiniest amount, then you can let go and the menu stays open until you either select an option or click on the button again . So other than that it's very clean.

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