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Thread: No such interface supported

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    Frank Oquendo Guest

    No such interface supported

    I get that error every time I try to wire up my event handler to an event
    exposed by a COM object. Everything compiles correctly but the app blows up
    when I actually try to add my event handler to the chain.

    Is there something general I should be watching out for or is this problem
    specific to AutoCAD?

    P.S. I'll be glad to post or forward code upon request. I know AutoCAD isn't
    a general topic so I didn't want to post code no one would use.

    "If you want to be somebody else change your mind"

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    Frank Oquendo Guest

    Re: No such interface supported

    Never mind; I've found the problem. Apparently, some COM apps require that
    ConnectionPoint objects implement IDispatch. The solution required
    decompiling the interop assembly to IL and changing all SinkHelper classes
    from private to public.

    "If you want to be somebody else change your mind"

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