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Thread: Correct Design Pattern for Order Form

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    Jun 2007

    Correct Design Pattern for Order Form

    Hi All,

    I'm somewhat new to design patterns; I've been reading Head First
    Design Patterns, which is a pretty good book, but I'm having
    difficulties identifying the correct pattern for a project I'm working

    I need to create an order form with mulitple products, and even more
    options (add-ons) for each of those products. My first thought was to
    use the decorator pattern, but I foresee a nightmare in managing all
    the decorators; there are a lot (tons of add-ons)! New products and
    add-ons will be added pretty frequently, and the prices, descriptions,
    etc. will change, too. Obviously, the correct pattern is a must!

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction? How about a simple
    example (if the pattern you're suggesting is something other than the decorator pattern)?


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    Jan 2007
    Start with MVC (Model View Control)

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