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Thread: How to "not pass" unwanted form elements?

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    How to "not pass" unwanted form elements?


    I am not even sure if this is possible or not with form that interact with server.

    This is my scenario: I have a form on my website that collects clients’ choices. Next, via server’s script, all client's choices are passed to me in form of e-mail.

    Some of my form elements are drop-down menus, some are different. The client may or may not to choose smthg.

    Having so many rows in my form I want to receive e-mail that shows only elements that client interacted with (MADE A CHOICE/SET VALUE). Anything else, for me is simply a garbage.

    Is there any way to set restriction in form, so the only passed to server elements are those that client had choose?

    Please help. Thank you in advance. Please post the answer/clue here.

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    Well I"ve never tried it, but for the dropdowns you could try setting the default to one index value, and all the others to a different one than the 1st, but the same as each other. Not even sure it'll get by, but it might.

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    Thank you. As I said I do not have experience (although I'm sure it's not a "racket science"), though I have some other ideas that I'd like to test out.

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    I'm not 100% sure, but I think any form element that is DISABLED does not pass its value through to the target page. So - in theory, you could disable all form elements but have an OnClick Javascript event on each that ENABLES the element in question. The user activates each element they want to interact with and hopefully you get a clean set of results back!

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