I'm trying to do something that seems really simple but is giving big problems.

I have a div in my page that represents the main content of my webpage. I want to load up a page into this section using AJAX, and it will load different content depending on user interaction.

I have user input in other parts of this primary html file that is done with asp:textbox, so the whole page contains one large <form runat=server> tag so that I can include my asp:textbox.

However. I want some of my dynamic content to have asp:textbox's as well.

The problem is, if I include a <form runat=server> in html that I pull down through AJAX, then the page has an error b/c its trying to create a form element inside of another form elemtn.

Alternatively, if I leave out the <form runat=server> on the html that I pull down through ajax, the ASP server throws an error message saying I need the <form tag, and that error page displays in my main content div which is loaded through the ajax.

Is there a solution to this problem?