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Thread: Update multiple text boxes values with one AJAX Call

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    Update multiple text boxes values with one AJAX Call

    I have a form which contains 1 drop down list abd 4 text boxes; the values for these boxes needs to be updated from the database based on the value from the drop down. Using the onreadystatechange you usually update the innerHTML to a div; how is it possible to update multiple values using the same method or is there other methods?


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    How about grabbing the response text in one variable, then splitting that variable up into bits and then putting those bits into their respective text box.
    PHP Code:
    var someString pageRequest.responseText;
    temp someString.split(',');
    text1.value temp[0];
    text2.value temp[1];
    text3.value temp[2];
    text4.value temp[3]; 
    The response text would've been something like:

    Assuming you're using PHP you could use the implode function to add those strings together. <-- Implode reference

    Sorry if I'm way off, I've been using PHP and Javascript for some time but I haven't been using AJAX very long at all.

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