I have doubt in Asp.Net using C#.
I have designed a web page with textboxes and some dropdownlists
I have 2 dropdowns in which the first dropdown is populated with datas from database.
Based on the selection,the next drop down gets populated
For ex,
Dropdownlist1 datas:a,b,c,d (got from database)
If i select a,
dropdownlist2 gets a1,a2,a3,a4
If i select b,
dropdownlist2 gets b1,b2,b3,b4
and so on....
These are also retrived from database....
For this i have used javascript to perform the above operation.
Everything s perfect the dropdown list gets value based on the selection in dropdownlist1.
My problem is,
I have a add button to insert the values to the database...
If i click the add button,the default value of the dropdownlist2 only get added and not the value that i selected.
(i.e)0 th index of the dropdown only gets added...
How to rectify this problem
Thanks & Regards,