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Thread: hot to issue the command of Ctrl-C (copy) using Java

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    hot to issue the command of Ctrl-C (copy) using Java

    Respected Members,
    In Java is it possible to issue the command of Ctrl-C
    (copy) directly from a program, suppose I have many
    different windows running on my desktop(Win XP) but
    since in MS Windows OS at one time only one window is
    active, lets say the active window is Java Application
    which I have purchased from a vendor, is it possible
    to write a program in which when ever the user enters
    some hot key lets say Ctrl-F1 than my Java program
    traps this event and issue a command of Ctrl-C at the
    back end, as a consequence any selected text written
    in these Java windows would be Copied, to issue Ctrl-C
    command will I need to access the Win 32 API or is
    this possible directly using Java, please guide me how
    can this be possible, I would be thankful to you from
    the depth of my heart if you can guide me to the

    Thanking You,
    Bilal Ali

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    San Bernardino County, California
    You have the ability to implement clipboard functionality in Java programs YOU write (I don't know how you will add it to the code of applications you buy). Take a look at this article which discusses the java.awt.datatransfer package which is available to you through the JDK:

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