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Thread: font size changed on page

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    Jul 2007

    font size changed on page

    I am using javscript to open a new browser window when a button is clicked.

    Here is the script:
    Response.Write("<script>'newpage.aspx','_blank','scrollbars=1, resizable=1');</script>");

    Interesting thing is with the click of button, the font size changed (increased) in the original page; refreshing the screen brings back the original font size.
    I have a gridview on a different page with a selectable row. When a row is selected, I used javasript to open a new browser window and display selected data details; it has the similar effect of increased font size and upon refreshing screen, I got the original font size.

    On the pages, I have font-family:Arial and font-size:10pt

    The problem seems to point to the javascript I used; thank you in advance for your help.

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    Jul 2007
    I would like to retract the above. Found the problem; has nothing to do with javascript at all.

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    Aug 2007

    Having font issue also

    Can you please tell me what the issue was? I am stuck with the same problem. Thanks for any help.

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    Dec 2008

    having same problem could you please help me.

    i am also facing this fontsize incresing problem in after using the alert().could you tell me the reason and solution for that.

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