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Thread: How to design (.NET App. & SQL Database)Suspicious Activity Detection Application

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    How to design (.NET App. & SQL Database)Suspicious Activity Detection Application

    Hello Guys,

    I know this is basic and different people do that in different ways according to their needs; but I would like to know about the best practices to design a highly scalable real time enterprise databases/application for financial institutions.

    Here is a scenario. This application would be import Customerís Transactional as well as updated profile from Bankís Core Banking Solution or Data warehouse daily in a batch mode.

    Now our application has to determine the suspicious activities by running some rule sets on the transactions. Let me let you some example of rule sets :

    1. Generate suspicious activity alert if customer does debit/credit transactions amount sum exceeds 1 million dollars within a month.

    2. Generate alert if Customer Debit transaction amount > X% of A (where A=maximum debit transaction amount over y1 period)

    This application should be able to find suspicious activity for at least 5 millions customers and 1 million transaction would be imported daily to our engine DB.

    I would appreciate if could suggest me how this application should be designed on (VS.2005,SQL 2005) platform. Should we have two DB ,one OLTP for keeping customer profile & his transactions and another OLAP DB where analysis services, business intelligence, data mining would store customer past history in fact tables so at the time of rule processing those result can be queried from here. Should we build rule engine in or in SQL 2005 analysis services or in Biz Talk server or web services or data mining.How analysis services, business intelligence, data mining of SQL/.NET can be used to achieve this application.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sameer Gautam

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    Use some Rules Engine(e.g Ilog), simplest thing would be put few triggers in database and act on it.

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