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Thread: Loop thru an excel file thru VB

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    Loop thru an excel file thru VB

    I have an application to read an excel file and do some validation with few fields and write the data to an output file. Everything works fine but I am not able to stop when it reaches to the end of the excel file.
    My code is

    Dim xl As New Excel.Application
    Dim xlsheet As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim xlwbook As Excel.Workbook

    Set xlwbook = xl.Workbooks.Open(ImportFile)
    Set xlsheet = xlwbook.Sheets.Item(1)

    introw = 2
    intcol = 1

    Y = FreeFile
    Open App.Path & "\OutFile.txt" For Output As #Y

    Z = FreeFile
    Open App.path & “\file.xls” For Input As #Z

    Do While Not EOF(Z)

    BranchNr = xlsheet.Cells(introw, intcol)
    ProductNr = xlsheet.Cells(introw, intcol + 1)
    Acct = xlsheet.Cells(introw, intcol + 2)
    Name1 = xlsheet.Cells(introw, intcol + 3)
    Name2 = xlsheet.Cells(introw, intcol + 4)


    Stroutput = BranchNr & ProductNrNew & AcctNew & Name1 & Name2

    Print #Y, Stroutput
    Stroutput = ""

    introw = introw + 1

    In my “file.xls” file there are 10216 rows, but when I reach the row “10216” the program should stop since it is the end of file and exit out of the loop but it is not. 10216 is not a constant, for each file the number of rows may change.
    How do I determine the end of the excel file. Please help.

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    Try this for the loop.

    Dim x as Long

    Do Until (xlssheet.Cells(x, 1) = "")
    <<your code>>
    x = x + 1

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    You might not want to have everything depending on it detecting a empty string in a cell. What if the data contains a row with a nullstring but the next rows have more data to read.

    This will detect the last used row in Excel
    MsgBox Workbooks(1).Sheets(1).UsedRange(Sheet1.Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

    so get that value and then do a For Next loop with its upper bonds the value of the last used row.
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