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Thread: Don't have access to Web Service during development

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    Don't have access to Web Service during development

    I'm developing an app for a customer that uses a web service they have. I'm able to view the web service when remoting to their network, but they won't expose the web service outside of thier network.

    This mean I can't add a Web Reference to the service when devoloping the application. I'm not concerned about testing it locally (I can deploy/test/deploy/test...), but I can't figure out the process of coding the calls without adding the reference.

    I seem to remember that adding a web reference is just a microsoft visual studio short cut, but I can't find the long way to do it using just the wdsl or soap information.


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    When you add a Web Reference in Visual Studio, it calls a utility named WSDL.EXE which uses the Web Service's WSDL file to generate a proxy class. You may call this utility manually, passing it the WSDL file provided by your customer; for more information, see .
    Phil Weber

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    Agreed with Phil,
    More example on how to use WSDL.exe, I found this is quite easy to understand:

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