I may be OT here, but I think this is the best group to ask this question
Do you think that Microsoft is going to fix in the next major release of the
..NET framework the things that are poorly designed/implemented in the
current release? (Yes/No/Ignore ;-)

I'm referring to a whole bunch of things such as:
- Most of the framework classes are ok, with some notable exceptions such as
the Windows Forms classes, which seem to be translated into C# from the VB6
Forms classes. Another issue: do you thing that it is ok to have an WndProc
method protected and virtual? On the one hand, this is neccessary
internally, since this is how Windows works; on the other hand, I think MS
should have left this behind and switched to a fully component-oriented,
event-based approach.
- The exception class hierarchies and the exception handling inside the
framework classes seem to be an afterthought, as pointed in Jeffrey
Richter's book, "Applied .NET Framework Programming".
- If I got this right, JITted code is duplicated in different AppDomains and
this may cause severe performance penalties as more people switch to .NET
- A lot of other smaller things that would make this post way longer than it
already is...

And a final disclaimer: this is *NOT* MS bashing! I'm glad to say that .NET
is the best programming platform I've ever worked with, it's just that these
things are annoying when put next to the good things in .NET.
Thanks for your patience,
Ovidiu Platon.