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Thread: sql server CE and visual studio

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    sql server CE and visual studio


    Actually i am developing a device application in i am using windows mobile 6, visual studio 2005 and SQL server compact edition. my application is working fine but the problem i am facing is that i can't insert any record in the database programmatically when i use device application but if i use windows application then i does insert the record in database which i have created in SQL server CE using the data connection wizard. just like in Justin Whitney's article
    Your First Windows Mobile Database App: SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (CE) on Windows Mobile 6
    i used the connection wizard to create database and inserted record manually.
    But when i insert record programmatically using sqlCeConnection it throws an exception of directory not found or invalid path eventhough the directory is same in which i have created the database.
    In this form of Device application, i am retrieving the record from the same table as well by using the same technique which Justin mentioned in his above article.(i.e. dataset and binding source, using wizard)
    So, please can anyone help me out ( by some code snippet or tips) in inserting the data in the database table or is there any other way to insert data as he retrieved data in your article using the dataset, binding source and table adapter as it is very important for my dessertation and very soon i have to submit my dessertation.

    I willbe really thankful

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