I just implemented AJAX techniques to allow user-friendly visual selection of mobile phones for use.
Check this out www.mobilemediacentre.nl/en/registration

Click on the cell phone icon, there will be an in-line popup.

I used Graybox to do this. You can select the cell phone manufacturers on the left hand side, and choose your type of device in the middle frame. When the mouse hover the cell phone image, product funtionality and competibility of the chosen device will be displayed on the right side under the device image.

All cell phones info is retrieved from database. After you selected the device, you will be linked back to the registration page and see which device you have chosen.

So far I've got some constructive remarks:
One remark: make the information popup only popup when it is clicked. (the i - image). Since an accidental hover may cause an unwanted popup. You could just use a tooltip saying, click for more info etc

Well, the original idea behind the auto-popup for the info button is to give the site viewers a simple and ease expression, they don't have make the unecessary click if they don't want to. It's also very ture that viewers will get annoyed by accidentally hovering the INFO icon over and over. Please vote for your favourite or you have better idea?

Any suggestions are weclomed.