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Thread: Plugin Java file

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    Sep 2007

    Plugin Java file


    I am looking for a plugin java file to be developed using Java which takes any kind of file format as input and convert into an XML format as an output and another plugin component in reverse order.

    There will be two components 1.Plugin 2.container.Plugin should be able to take any file format file as an input and converts into an XML format as an output which interacts with Container component and that Container component transfers the data to JMS Queue.Plugin implement container java file.

    Samething happens in reverse order also.Plugin implements container component file.


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    May 2007
    My man, if I had this kind of technology, I wouldn't post it for free on a message board and I'd be filthy rich because a lot of companies would pay tons for a plugin like this. If you have this, you have the file that will change the landscape of ERP (it's a logistics term).

    Because this single Java file would make all those expensive middleware applications, which need to be unique for each type of file that you want to convert, obsolete.

    You're asking for something that's impossible at the moment, mate.

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